Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rich Task Maths

This week during rich task math we were faced with the word problem.

"Sarah works in a toy shop. She can see 37 wheels. There is a mixture of go carts and tricycles in the shop"
 How many tricycles and how many go carts are there?

The children were able to work this out anyway they wanted to. They used a range of different tools and strategies. Below is a couple of videos of them explaining how they got their answers.




Getting our groove on!

To give our brains a break and to get rid of our wiggles between lessons we use a website called Go Noodle. We LOVE doing these activities and watching our monsters grow as we complete the different stages. This is a wee video Lynley snapped this week.


Learning elastics

Thanks to Ashley who brought in her elastics for us all to have a try. The children were all very amused that Lynley knew a thing or 2 about this 'old school' game!

100% Basic Facts!

Congratulations to Olivia for getting 100% on her basic facts this week!
I know you have been working hard to achieve this. Ka pai! Keep up the excellent work!

Cityscape Art

Today we have been exploring 2 and 3D drawing. We looked at cityscapes and tried drawing skyscraper buildings. This was a very tricky concept to understand and a technique we will need a bit more practice to master but we all gave it a great go and thoroughly enjoyed our creations. We started by practicing on whiteboards and then moved onto paper.  We will paint these using primary and secondary colours.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weather Warning

Dear All

Tomorrow there are high wind warnings (120km)  in place for Nelson. 
Hopefully this does not turn out to be the significant weather event that is forecast...but just in case we have decided on the following.

To minimise the possible danger- particularly around the pick up areas outside the school,  we ask you to pick up your children from their class after school tomorrow (Wednesday) . 

To alleviate the possible traffic congestion we suggest children from Kowhai  and Pohutukawa syndicates , and all those in Te Pouahi are picked up at 2.30pm, if you are able.
All students in the senior main block of the school can be picked up from their classrooms at 3 pm
Obviously if you have children in different areas you can pick them up at either time.

We hope that - by afternoon- this plan will not be necessary . Please check back on our Facebook page , or via email for changes to this plan.

Thanks for your support in making sure all our students are safe during this potential event.

Nga mihi
Pip Wells

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Week 7 and 8

Wow, can you believe we are already in week 8!

As we near the end of term 1 I am so proud of how much the class has achieved already so far this year!

The last 2 weeks have seen us very busy with lots of visitors of the human and animal variety.  First we had Ashlee kindly bring in her lovely kitten, followed by Mia with her extremely friendly guinea pig. The children loved learning about how to care for the animals and getting to pat them was great excitement.

Today we welcomed Jenny Gray into our room for the second time. She is working with the children and our teacher to develop our learning in P4C. P4C stands for Philosophy for children. It is a way of teaching that encourages and develops the children's questioning and reasoning skills. It helps the children to reflect on their skills, and look at how they could improve their thinking and questioning techniques.

More information can be found here:

During maths Rich Tasks this week we were faced with the following word problem-

If there are 9 raspberries and 4 apples in 1 pie how many apples and raspberries would i need to make 5 pies?

It was interesting to see the various way each pair were trying to solve the problem. The children used a number of key competencies while working with their partner and the 30 minute lesson soon became and hour.

The children were able to verbalise some of their ideas and show that they were using lots of different strategies when working with the numbers. We will be exploring this more over the year so feel free to practice these types of questions at home. .