Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Independent writing by Jessica

Today during reading rotations Jessica did some independent writing she was really proud of. Here is a little video of her sharing it with us.

Fizzing and Foaming rockets!

Yesterday during science we looked at the reaction between Baking soda and Vinegar. It was great fun hypothesising what might happen.

Our ideas were:

Harry and Dominic- We hope the baking soda and vinegar will rise.

Jessica and Abbey- We think the baking soda and vinegar will mix up and and make something.

Mia and Malachi- We think the baking soda and vinegar will explode!

Corbin- think the baking soda and vinegar will do a tiny pop in the bottle

Flynn- I think think the baking soda and vinegar will make the top pop off

Olivia F and Olivia J- We think the baking soda and vinegar will go sssssssssssssss and explode

Riley and Jesse- We think the baking soda and vinegar will not mix because one is a liquid and one is a solid
Sam and Joe- We think the baking soda and vinegar will bubble and fizz

Lydia and Erin- We think the baking soda and vinegar will change colour and fizz up

Chloe and Abbey- We think the baking soda and vinegar will fizz

Oscar, Daisy and Ashley- We think the baking soda and vinegar will explode in the container

We made mini rockets. First we mixed up a paste of baking soda and water. We added a small scoop onto the lid of an old film canister. Then we added 30mls of vinegar to the canister. We went outside and fixed the lid to the canister. When we turned if over onto its lid we sat back and waited. We didn't need to wait long until they went popping off into the sky! 

Unfortunately the reaction was too quick to capture on camera but we REALLY loved the exploding rockets! 

Excellent Rewards!

It was great to see that some of our students are being recognised in the playground for positive play with their peers! Well done Oscar for gaining a sticker for your Enviro award!

Monday, May 15, 2017

White Elephant Stall- collection happening.

Central Challenge

Forget about cake stalls and Jumble sales- Nelson Central School has come up with a new idea for fundraising that promises to offer exercise, teamwork and a whole lot of fun.
The Central challenge is a Rogaine and Mini Gala. It will be a day packed with family fun, spot prizes, stalls, games and activities. The main event is the first ever Central Challenge Rogaine.
What is a Rogaine? well, (aside from a hair loss remedy) Its a bit like a treasure hunt really:

* Participants get a map and questions.
* Each Question has a number which relates to a point on the map.
* Answers to the questions are revealed at the location marked on the map
* You need to visit the locations and answer as many questions as possible in the time allowed.
* Points are taken off for every minute you go over time and for incorrect answers.
* Some Questions are worth more points, ( depending on how difficult they are to reach)
* The Aim is to find as many answers as you can before time runs out.
There are two courses: one designed for fun with families and younger children and a more challenging course for children over 12 and experienced rogainers.
After the challenge, spot prizes and raffles will be drawn.

The Central Challenge also offers a Mini gala with food stalls, games and activities and a white Elephant stall for bargain hunters.

This is really a fun day out for families and a fun way to raise money: to build a Whare/ shelter for outdoor assemblies as we no longer have a school hall; for digital devices for class rooms and to help Te Pouahi to raise money for the Kapa Haka Nationals.
We really want to invite the whole community along, its not just a school event.

Registration will be on the day from 11am.
Individual entry $5
Family entry $15

Mrs Harrision's Bottles!!

Mrs Harrison’s (Christine’s) Bottles
This stall is being resurrected from the dark ages to be part of the Rogaine and Mini Gala on Sunday 28th May.
This is how it works.
Bottle or jars of new produce are donated. We are looking for maybe jars of small toys, bottles of shampoo, healthy drinks , jars of chutney , hand cream etc.…The healthy possibilities are endless.
After collection all bottles are numbered. On the day the punters buy a numbered ticket. They cannot see the numbers on the bottles. When all tickets are sold the bottles may be collected. Everyone gets to take away something for their money.
Please support our Mini Gala by donating a bottle or jar of new produce. If you buy a ticket you may even get your bottle back!!!!
Tickets will be $2.00.
All donated bottles can be left at your child’s classroom for collection.
Thank you for supporting the last hurrah for Mrs Harrison'

s Bottles
Let’s see if we can get over a hundred bottles.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Money, money money!

This week during rich task maths we have been looking at money! Some of the children had a good understanding of money already which was great to see. We looked at the different coins that we could have if we had $1. It would be great if you can discuss money with your children at home to reinforce the work we are going to be doing this term. Here are some photos of us and our working.